Palazzo Foresto

Offices, Housing / Modena / Ongoing - 2025

Palazzo Foresto

Palazzo Foresto is a monumental complex that is divided into several buildings and developed over various historical phases, starting in 1481. Located in the historic centre of Modena, the building is part of the rationalisation plan by the Agenzia del Demanio, which includes not only its restoration, but also its functional conversion into the headquarters of the Prefecture and the Provincial Headquarters of the Carabinieri of Modena.

The mission of the project is to give the complex back to the city community and establish new relations by reconnecting its characteristic empty spaces through the physical reinterpretation of the land and by reopening entrances, walkways and courtyards that deserve new life and use.

A new central entrance connects the courtyard with the inside of the atrium, which will be renovated to open up the current fragmented structure, together with the redevelopment of the staircase, to create an organic system of interconnected new spaces.

The choice of Venetian floor is an explicit reference to traditional techniques, such as the restoration and re-purposing of some of the fine materials found in the oldest areas of the building. The building’s external façades, which have been layered with a variety of claddings over the years, are treated as a palimpsest, allowing pre-existing marks to re-surface and on which new elements necessary for the functional programme can be overwritten, in a synthesis of language that expresses the full history of the Palazzo.


Restoration and Conservative Renovation of the state-owned monumental complex known as the Palazzo delle Finanze or Palazzo del Principe Foresto. Allocated use: Prefecture and the Provincial Headquarters of the Carabinieri of Modena.




Agenzia del Demanio


Competition won. Full mandate.


Surface area: 11.677 sq m 
Budget: 24.732.000 €


Ongoing – 2025


Project leader, integration of specialist services, architectural restoration planning: Politecnica
Architectural design and BIM coordination: IT’S
Structural engineering: Studio Calvi
Electrical engineering: Ingegneri Riuniti, Politecnica
Mechanical engineering, networks and underground utilities: Politecnica
Acoustics: Politecnica
Geologist: Studio Mattioli
HB GBC protocol: MR Energy Systems
IT’S Team:
Giulia Gatti – Project Director, Silvia Marega – Team Leader, Marco Teofili – Bim Coordinator, Alessandro Maddalena – BIM Coordinator, Matteo De Francesco, Marta Dominijanni


IT’S, Marco Tripodi


Geo Group