IT’S researches the uniqueness of architecture through its relationship with its surrounding environment, investigating new balances between man and spaces.

IT’S is a research and innovation-oriented architecture firm founded in 2016 by Alessandro Cambi, Francesco Marinelli and Paolo Mezzalama with offices in Rome, Geneva and Paris.

IT’S works on projects at various scales from urban planning to design. The principal completed and ongoing projects include the redevelopment of Piazza dei Cinquecento and the urban space of Termini station in Rome; the renovation of the former school of architecture in Nanterre on the Pole Leonard de Vinci university campus in Paris; the renovation of the former INPS headquarters in Via dell’Amba Aradam in Rome; the new headquarters of the MSA – Mutualité Sociale Agricole – in Bordeaux; the experimental housing building in EUR, Rome; the new FOROF centre for contemporary art by Giovanna Caruso Fendi in Rome.

Alessandro Cambi, Francesco Marinelli and Paolo Mezzalama have been professional project and research partners since 2004. They were the founding members of the Scape group, with which they worked until 2016, and were ranked among the top 10 up-and-coming firms by the French Ministry of Culture in 2008 – NAJA, Nouveau Album des Jeunes Architectes – and winners in 2014 of the Young Architecture Talent award launched by the National Council of Italian Architects – CNAPPC. IT’S most important awards include the BIM & DIGITAL AWARD in 2017, the awarding of IMGP 2 – Inventons la Metropole du Grand Paris 2 – in 2019 and C40 – Reinventing Cities in Rome in 2023.

IT’S / Rome

IT’S / Paris