Strada Vega

Infrastructure / Mestre / 2016-2023

Strada Vega

The Strada Vega redesigns road access to the city of Venice and posed a real challenge in terms of the organisation and pace of a construction site that covered an extremely complex area due to the presence of the SR11 road and railway tracks. The multi-level road junction consists of a 150-metre overpass, a man-made tunnel, two roundabouts and two new ramps. The system was designed to facilitate the flow of traffic between Mestre and the industrial area of Porto Marghera; the overpass and tunnel now guarantee fast traffic flow on Strada Regionale 11 while city traffic coming from Mestre crosses the infrastructure without junctions. In order to limit the impact on the road system during building, the overpass was designed with disposable Corten steel formwork, which allowed it to be built in stages. Prefabricated concrete elements make up the portals of the man-made tunnel. The portals of the man-made tunnel are designed in a pattern of solid elements and voids in order to ensure visual permeability and mitigate the impact of the infrastructure. The Corten section of the overpass reminds us of the keels of ships in the Porto Marghera shipyards, a tribute to Venice as a port city.


Access road to the First Industrial Zone of Porto Marghera




Comune di Venezia


Infrastructure design consultancy carried out for the Temporary Grouping of Designers F&M Ingegneria – NET Engineering


Surface area: 33.687 sq m
Budget: n.a.


2016 – 2023


F&M Ingegneria
Net Engineering
G&V Ingegneri Associati
G&T S.r.l

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