Live On Hub


Live On Hub


Mobilità, spazio e tempo urbano with Giovanni Acciaro – Ingegnere dei trasporti
Cinemaroma with Andrea De Sica – Director


Città Selvatiche with Annalisa Metta e Luca Catalano – Professoressa ordinaria di architettura del paesaggio (Roma Tre) / Architetto paesaggista
Costruire mondi with Luca Galofaro – Architetto, professore associato (Università di Camerino)
Urban  Decarbonisation with Iacopo Testi –  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nuovi Habitat with Gabriele Gabrielli – People Management Lab
Innovazione Urbana with Elena Granata – Politecnico di Milano
ReCoding with Davide Quayola – Artist


LIVEOnHUB is a research project by IT’S that investigates the transformation processes of contemporary society through the activation of an interdisciplinary dialogue capable of contaminating and developing the point of view and tools of architecture.

The project, whose first cycle in 2019 took place directly in the HUB – the Rome headquarters of IT’S – with a series of lectures and workshops with guests Salvatore Iaconesi, Oriana Persico, Andrea Gaggioli, Francesco D’Isa, Studio Accurat and Antonello Romano, moves to the virtual dimension on LIVEonHUB_VENTIVENTI2 in collaboration with Artribune.

Starting in June 2022, the periodical’s podcast platform will host a series of short monologues and interviews that investigate the topic of relations between man and the environment that, at this particular moment in history, can guide new changes in how we inhabit territories.

Following three main macro-themes (internal space, the city and the non-city) and through the contribution of specialists from various fields, the project will gather examples, experiences and narratives to provide an overview of futuristic ideas and dynamics through which to rethink new places that can be designed – according to IT’S vision – via principles of “emotional ecology”.


LIVEonHUB is available on the Artribune podcast platform.