BIM Manager

Alessandro Maddalena

Alessandro Maddalena

He came on board at IT’S in 2022 as BIM Manager, in charge of multidisciplinary BIM coordination.

He graduated as an architect in 2018 in GPE-Project Management at Sapienza University with a thesis on “Field BIM, experimentation of BIM-oriented processes in constructive design” structured on the basis of interoperability between different BIM software with 4D hologram views of the construction phases of the work discussed in the thesis. He then obtained a Master’s degree in Building Information Modelling with a thesis on “Experimentation of Digitised Flows in BIM Processes” structured around the analysis of multidisciplinary digitised flows in the building industry with a focus on parametric and geometric automation using the Dynamo application. From 2019 to 2021, he worked with Fuksas.