Nuova sede Confcooper

Offices / Rome / 2018

Nuova sede Confcooper

The office project for the new headquarters of Confcooper involves the recovery of a historic building located in the consolidated urban fabric of Rome, in via Torino 153. The building, which dates back to the late nineteenth century, is divided into six floors and has a surface of about 4,000 square meters. Over the course of time, several types of interventions have been overlaid with the original typology, which have modified the principles of the architectural plant-wide, consequently the distribution and the articulation of spaces.

The project seeks a respectful balance between the different times that coexist in the building, creating a dialectical within the original traces and the contemporary signs, constantly confronting two different moments: the historic one , traced through the recovery of the original typological structure liberated by all the elements that compromise its identity and the modern one, introduced through the use of light and contemporary materials.
The historic walls alternate with thin glass walls, classical materials, such as marble, sit freely alongside lightweight materials such as reflective aluminium, a vertical green wall encloses the geometry of the stone court, in a continuous alternation of different times that with their dialectics construct the new spaces of the building.

The Confcooper is an articulated business reality with multiple identities that cooperate within a single structure; this dual nature, univocal and specific, has directed the project to a neutral language in order to create a recognizable image of the society but also to accommodate the diverse needs of the different professional realities already working within the Company.


New headquarters of Confcooper. Building renovation to create an office building.




Confcooper Società Cooperativa


Full mandate


Surface: 4.100 sq m
Budget: 5.815.000 €




Architect: IT’S
BIM Management: Parallel Digital
Structural engineering: Dedalo Ingegneria
MEP: AG&C Associati S.r.l.
Safety: Francesco Bindi
Landscape: Paisà
Administrative consultant : Piùtrentanovesei architetti (Arch. Giovanni Troisi)
Construction company : Consorzio Consital, Cea Operosa
Office furniture: Arper, Vitra, Danese, Artemide, Spazio5arredamenti – Roma
Marble supplies: B – Stone
IT’S Team:
Emanuele Andreoni, Enrico Mele
Parallel Digital Team:
Andrea Reina

Photo Credits

© Francesco Mattuzzi


© Francesco Mattuzzi