The Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata

Education / Macerata / Ongoing - 2025

The Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata

The Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata recently purchased the former Casa del Fascio building, with the intention of redeveloping it and transferring to this one site all the teaching activities currently carried out in various locations around the city. Located in the old town centre of Macerata, dating back to the late 14th century, the building has been subject to various demolitions and reconstructions over the years.
The refunctionalisation envisages the restoration of the rooms respecting as far as possible the existing spatial sequence. The grit and marble floors and the doors will be preserved.
The project focuses primarily on redeveloping the central courtyard: this space will take on a central role in strengthening the relationship with the public space by removing all improper elements (stairs, utility rooms, etc.) and creating on the ground floor a double-height Multipurpose Hall/Library, the roof of which will form an outdoor courtyard on the second floor.
The multi-purpose hall/library constitutes a central spatial element of urban connection and insertion: it will include a large staircase that fulfils the dual role of accommodating student seating for lectures and, above all, connecting the two street levels of the main entrance in Piazza Mazzini on the ground floor with the rear entrance in Via Lauro Rossi on the first floor. The typological and functional choice of the theatre explicitly recalls the previous vocation of the complex, and the selection of materials (bricks and stones) emphasises its public character, strongly rooted in the context of the operation.


Redevelopment project of the former Casa del Fascio as the new headquarter of the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata




Accademia di Belle Arti di Macerata


Winning tender


Surface area: 6000 sq m
Budget: 10.000.000 €


Ongoing – 2025


Architect: IT’S
Structural engineering: Dedalo Ingegneria s.r.l.
Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, networks and underground utilities: RILO Digital Planning s.r.l.
Acoustics: Diapason Ingegneria S.r.l.
Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency: OGBSTUDIO di Hopps
Architectural rennovation: Dott.ssa Serena Cinelli
Fire safety project: Arch. Sonia Sammartino, Ing. Pietro Romussi
Security coordinator: Arch. Francesco Bindi
IT’S Team: Bruna Dominici – Art Director, Giulia Gatti – Project Director, Silvia Marega – Team Leader, Giulia Franco, Luigi Mammone, Marta Nardone, Davide Peruzzetto


IT’S, Marco Tripodi