NU-MI New Offices Milan

Offices / Milan / 2022

NU-MI New Offices Milan

The design for buildings C and E of the Symbiosis masterplan prompted us to conceive a place open to the needs of contemporary society. The consequences of the pandemic are leading us to experience spaces, cities and the work dimension differently. We will be led to experience workplaces less frequently but with greater intensity and dynamism.
Plots C and E of the Symbiosis Business District occupy a central position in the new district. The buildings will be the pivot of a system that foresees the development of architecture with a very strong identity: for these reasons, it was decided to focus on two identical buildings, a single building, capable of dialogue with all the other emergencies in the area. A parallelepiped aligned with the west side of Via Adamello and the park to the east, which through a porous ground floor with ample transparencies and traversing halls, builds the relationship between the street and the park.
From the second floor onwards, each floor is surrounded by 2.40 m deep galleries, which, in addition to improving the quality of the internal light with large continuous “ribbon” windows and offering all the people who will live in the building the opportunity to work outdoors, allows the sun to be shielded during the hottest hours.
On the top floor there is a shed roof that remembers an area that was once, and in part still is, a production area.
From a typological point of view, the two buildings aim at an innovative vision of the workspace, taking up some elements that characterise domestic environments: the long walkways that can be equipped, the use of widespread but informal greenery, the warmth of wood.


Competition of ideas for the realisation of two new buildings, separate but integrated, called building C and building E with directional – productive destination, located in an area within the “Symbiosis” development in via Adamello in Milan




Covivio Development Italy S.p.a. SIINQ




Surface area: : 20.424,40 sq m
Budget: n.d




Architect: IT’S
Team IT’S: Mattia Biagi, Matteo De Francesco, Silvia Marega, Maria Vittoria Mondelli


IT’S, Marco Tripodi, Lens Image