Offices, Commercial, Cultural spaces / Rome / Ongoing - 2024


The urban context in which the complex is located features a concentration of historical and stratified presences — Ospedale San Giovanni, Pontifical University, Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano, as well as the archaeological remains and Hadrian’s walls, and the open spaces of Parco del Celio and Villa Celimontana — which led the team to develop a proposal aimed at the reshaping the building in functional, spatial and environmental terms, renewing its architectural configuration and its urban presence in the city.
For the building’s body intended for the main function, the choice was made to enhance the office spaces, improving their flexibility and transformability, and providing for the creation of shared work spaces, producing innovative spatial arrangements. A variation of the entire basement has been imagined, which will be reactivated by a series of functions open to the city that are now absent in the district, through a sequence of double heights — and of the outdoor spaces, where an archaeological garden is planned in direct connection with the Roman ruins of the Domus Fauste that is currently still hidden underground.
The project also affects the outdoor spaces: an excavation of Roman remains makes it possible to envisage an archaeological garden, in direct contact with the ruins; a series of terraces make the remaining part habitable.
The large parking area becomes a potential parking/park with a view to increasing sustainable forms of mobility and reducing the need for parking spaces.
The project envisages extensive reuse of existing materials to be employed in a contemporary way in both interior and exterior spaces, introducing a circular vision into the building’s life cycle.


Renovation of an office building with addition of mixed functions in the basement; redevelopment of outdoor spaces.




Cromwell Property Group


Private competition by invitation. Full mandate

Project data

Surface area: 18.600 sq m
Budget: €40,000,000


Ongoing – 2024



Project team

Architect: IT’S
BIM Management: Parallel Digital
Construction Management: Artelia
Structural engineering: Genia Ingegneria
MEP engineering: F&M Engineering
Landscape: OSA
Acoustic design: Diapason Engineering
Leed and Well certification: OGB Studio
Administrative manager: Piùtrentanovesei
Fire code consultant: Studio Mattei
Archaeologist: Michela Rustici
Lighting design: Artec
Survey: IANUS
IT’S team:
Valentina Esposito – Management Director, Marta Nardone – Process Manager, Matteo Acanfora, Anastasia Barasheva, Giulia Franco, Silvia Marega, Valerio Minella, Valentina Sistri, Virginia Stella
Parallel Digital team:
Alessandro Maddalena – BIM Manager, Caterina Falvo, Luigi Mammone, Annalisa Roscigno

Images credits

IT’S, Marco Tripodi

Video credits

IT’S, Marco Tripodi

Photo credit

© Federico Mariani Photography