Project title

Project description

Art Gallery

Piazza del Foro Traiano, 1 Rome (Italy)


Giovanna Caruso Fendi

Project team

Architect: IT’S

Light installation: artec3


Complete (design and construction)


Design data

375 sq m


800.000 €

The property is on two levels, a ground floor with street entrance from Piazza del Foro Traiano and a basement which is accessed via an internal staircase.

The extraordinary archaeological context in which it is immersed is strongly perceived through glass openings that overlook the Basilica Ulpia and the Trajan's Column; it will therefore be inevitable and stimulating the contrast with the works of contemporary art that the space will accommodate during its operation.

The approach to the place could only be "silent", albeit with the intention of restoring an architectural identity to the space: the project took the form of a series of operations essentially based on the use of matter and light, articulated through a sequence of minimal variations.


The operations that most characterize the intervention are the replacement of the existing wooden planking with an earthenware floor and the painting of walls and false ceilings with shades that vary slightly in the rooms to emphasize the variation of natural light.

In each room there is also an integrated piece of furniture that characterizes it, including the bookshop at the entrance, the wooden grandstand in the screening room, the bar counter.

A new lighting system, in addition to contributing to the characterization of spaces through the aesthetics of the luminaires used, accurately calibrates the light according to the size, shape and finishes of each environment.