Open Source
Project title
Open Source

Project description
Architectural and urban regeneration of the Ancienne École d’Architecture in Nanterre
Restricted competition, Winning project


Métropole du Grand Paris

Project team
General contractor: EIFFAGE IMMOBILIER
Architect : IT’S
Project management consultancy : ZEBRandCO
Structural and facade engineering: RFR Structures et Enveloppes
MEP: Artelia
Landscape: BASE


Complete (Design and construction)


Design data
Energetic performance
Level E3 of E+C- label

Gross area
18.000 sq m

The site IMGP2-School of Architecture in Nanterre is a great opportunity for architectural and urban regeneration. Our project includes 2 strategic actions:
1. Reopening the site to the context
A public walkway system connects the building to the neighborhood
2. Reactivation
The Old School of Architecture is regenerated in architectural and programmatic terms thanks to the insertion of the Léonard De Vinci university center.
The new headquarters of the university center will be a school 4.0, an open source place.
The initial idea of the Kalisz project to constitute a natural extension of the park becomes one of the main elements of our project.
The building of the Old School of Architecture, conceived as a living organism, can evolve according to the metabolic principles and is able to react to the changes.
The renovation of the building is based on a gradient that goes from the original image, through the dematerialization of the agora to the new image of the 3 contemporary volumes.
The new buildings have been designed as an evolution of Kalisz's flexibility and scalability principles:
- free trays that can be reconfigured freely over time.
- a system of passageways in frontage which allows a strong porosity of the teaching spaces towards the outside.
- A vertical weave of wooden brise-soleil that thermally protects the building and diffuses the light appropriately in classrooms.
- the structure of the new buildings is hybrid, in wood and concrete.