Yangon Central Station
Project title
Yangon Central Station

Project description
Comprehensive development project of the Yangon Central Railways Station area

Yangon (Myanmar)

Ministry of Rail Transportation
Myanmar Railways

Project team
Architecture : It’s, ASC lab
Structural engineering : SBG&Partners
MEP: Enetec

Preliminary draft


Design data
Gross area
746.316 sq m

750.000.000 $

The idM Consortium proposed Yangon Central Railway station area Comprehensive Development Plan is based on a series of fundamental assumptions and principles based on the urban development of an historical city as Yangon that need to preserve its culture and values, while responding to the climate change and to the increasing social and economic challenges.
In fact the Railway station and the interested development area are located in the heart of the city centre. Its huge historic, and evolving cultural values need to be not only preserved but also enhanced.

The project will safeguard and restore the Railway Station, interpreting, enshrining and portraying the country best ancient, cultural values, while transforming the area into an advanced integrated cultural, business, leisure, meeting and living centre.

The comprehensive development plan will not stifle the city centre with skyscrapers and buildings that break and deface the traditional Yangon landscape. Nevertheless the new buildings are designed in an aesthetical, technological, most advanced “considered” manner, which will benefit local people and Yangon community, future property tenants, owners and business in the area.

The landmark will be represented by the restored Railway Station, the development of a new sustainable wide integrated green area and by buildings shaped as paddy fields on which terraces roofs, trees and green gardens will bloom to create a more integrated landscape. A green hilly park, with pedestrian paths will connect the new and old Railways buildings and will cover the spaces of the new Central Station area. Further wide diffused public green areas, a big long and articulated lake, the development of a museum area and meeting and shopping zones will contribute to the local cultural, social and economic development, while being integrated with the traditional context.

The restored Railway Station will include ticketing offices for various transportation modes, a specific area for check -in and air traveller services and will facilitate the use of rail services and of the circular line. The best updated information technology systems and Secure Station schemes and services will be at disposal of Railway management and staff and for travellers. Both the old and the new Stations will be designed and made accessible to all users in an inclusive and Integrated manner also in retail and catering facilities with way finding signage easy to be read also by ageing population.

The space in front of the old Central Station, now underutilized, will be recuperated, upgraded and transformed. Besides a kiss and go parking space, an area of 16.000 sqm. Will be landscaped to become a public park inside which a 3.000 sqm lake, a series of fountains will give the possibility to local people to enjoy and to walk safely to the station.