Louise Michel high school extension
Project title
Louise Michel high school extension

Project description
New building for 10 classrooms and communal spaces.
Restricted competition. Shortlisted

Avenue Jean Jaurès, Bobigny, 93 (France)

Conseil Régional d'Ile de France

Project team
Architecture: SCAPE (L. Di Falco, F. Marinelli, A. Cambi and P. Mezzalama)
General Engineering : CET INGENIERIE
Landscape: Après La Pluie

Preliminary draft


Design data
Gross area: 1.500 sq m

3 542 632 € 

The Louise Michel high school slots into a rapidly developing urban context marked by the Centre-ville designated development area (ZAC), the Pablo Picasso centre and the Écocités designated development area (ZAC).
Within this context, the renovation and extension to the Louise Michel high school offers an opportunity to redefine this setting, both on the scale of the school itself and on that of the district.
The garden becomes the school’s heart, a protective and welcoming space for students, teachers and outside visitors. The new extension building lies in the centre of the garden. Its composition is based on two stacked volumes :
- On ground level, a transparent glazed diaphragm whose landtake is reduced to a minimum to offer as much place as possible to the garden and planted areas which become an integral part of this system of open spaces. 
The reception and school activities premises are located on the ground floor of the new building, extending the esplanade and garden. The volume’s organic form accentuates this continuity and develops by organising the spaces occupied by the various functional units: reception area, common room, multi-purpose room and services. 
Large glazed surfaces provide views right through the building and integrate the surrounding vegetation.
- On the first level, a pure volume wrapped in a translucent skin, contains the classrooms needing greater isolation and protection.