Student Housing
Project title
Student Housing

Project description
Student Housing area and infrastructures for the access to the site
Restricted competition, shortlisted 

Lausanne (Switzerland)

Etat de Vaud

Project team
Lead Architect: Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés architects
Associated Architect: SCAPE (L. Di Falco, F. Marinelli, A. Cambi and P. Mezzalama)
Structural engineering: INGENI SA LAUSANNE
Plant engineering, bioclimatic: RG Riedweg & Gendre SA
Landscape: OXALIS

Preliminary draft


Design data
Gross area
33.970 sq m

The project organization allows a dialogue between city and nature, creating an urban square and a park unifying the head of a new district and the strengthening of the wooden quality.
The project proposes a global improvement of links and public spaces. On the road to Veguey Praz, the Esplanade articulates passages, it opens onto the street or the park.
To the west, the alignment of maples along the sports field is an attachment point for the upcoming densification. Combined with the existing trees, new green elements signal the presence of a place driven by youth.
The fragmentation of the buildings offers a permeability context, the place and the park favor the encounter.