EUR Towers
Project title
EUR Towers – Telecom Headquarters

Project description
Conservation restoration of EUR towers and creation of Telecom’s HQ. 
Restricted competition, finalist project.

EUR, Rome (Italy)

Telecom Italia

Project team
Architecture: SCAPE (L. Di Falco, F. Marinelli, A. Cambi and P. Mezzalama)
Bio-climatics: Sdarch
Structure: Milan Ingegneria
Plant: Ariatta
Landscape: Paisà
Project manager: J&A
LEED – safety– fire protection: United Consulting

Competition – phases of ideation


Design data
Gross area
81,000 sq m

80.000.000 €

Stereometry, void and seriality are the elements that we can recognise in the work of the Ligini group and on which the new project bases its contemporary premises. The first part of the new project is the recovery of its original forms, in their volumetric purity and balance, defined by the size of substantial voids and the system of urban relationships. We propose to demolish the fire escape that was a later addition, reconfiguring a new layout of the floors, redistributed and re-thought in all its parts within the original silhouette. Another semantic element that we believe is essential in the “recognition” of the historic building is the modular grill, which makes up the scan of the facade; this structure brings the project back to the logic of seriality and industrialisation by which it was generated, whilst also attributing it its own size and specific perceptual scale.