Art Deco Pavilion
Project title
Art Deco Pavilion

Project description
Renovation of an Art Déco pavilion for offices and private house

Via Celso, Rome (Italy)


Project team
Architecture: SCAPE (L. Di Falco, F. Marinelli, A. Cambi and P. Mezzalama)
Structural Engineering: Marcello Colasanti, Antonio Del Buono
Plant engineering: Italco
Site security: Romana Farinelli
Landscape Design: Letizia Carpi
Construction company: Gmc srl

Complete (design and construction)


Design data
Gross area
Principal apartment: 390 sq m
Terraces: 198 sq m
Guesthouse: 80 sq m
Terraces: 53 sq m

1.100.000 €

The thread of the project is the rapport between the respect for the identity of an historical construction and the desire for a confrontation with it using the contemporary instruments and tools.
On the ground floor and the second floor, the existing building was the object of a typical restoration, with the recovery of the original colors, the improvement of the vertical distribution, and the replanting of the large garden surrounding it.
On the other hand, the two upper floors and the terraced roof were completely rethought, in order to make place for a duplex destined as the client’s private apartment.
His principal requirement was to have an apartment where the space allowed the inhabitants to easily relate with each other, and at the same time allowed them to preserve their intimacy. We therefore imagined a central nucleus clad in travertine, empty and luminous, containing the “events” of the apartment: the music room, the patio, the entry hall with the large stairway, and the kitchen. These elements constitute a single unified room, and span the entire space in such a manner as to filter the portion containing the bedrooms and the living rooms. The two-storeys space of the entry hall and patio is the heart of the project. From there, the staircase, a typical element of buildings from the beginning of the 20th century, winds through the entryway, breaking up the rigid division between the rooms, and creates a promenade across the entire apartment, all the way through to the exterior.