Strada Vega
Project title
Strada Vega

Project description
Access road to Micro-island Prima Industrial Zone of Porto Marghera 
Competition, Final project

Porto Marghera, Mestre, Venice (Italy)

Comune di Venezia

Project team
F&M Ingegneria
Net Engineering
G&V Ingegneri Associati
G&T S.r.l

Final construction plans

From 2016

Design data
Gross area: 33.687,80 sq m

Strada Vega develops on various levels in the re-design of the new road topography between the city of Mestre and the industrial area of Marghera, representing the new entry for road access to the Venice lagoon. 
The task involves reorganizing the existing infrastructure and providing for the construction of a 150m viaduct followed by an artificial tunnel to ensure the continuity of the fast regional road Strada Regionale 11, enabling the flows between Mestre, Porto Marghera and the regional road to become regularized and facilitated. 

The project is an interesting challenge from many points of view:
  • A study of the network in this particularly complex area led us to an apparently invasive choice but one that brings resolution. The SR11 travels straight between rows of buildings, among which are those in the centre of Vega, the railway with its numerous tracks leading to Venice and the industrial areas of Marghera. On the other hand secondary roads currently suffer the problem of crossing from one side of the railway and the regional road to the other. The idea of a viaduct followed by an artificial tunnel seemed the winning solution to definitively bring order to the tangle. 
  • The technical aspects are the second challenge related to this project: it is too small an area for a traditional construction site when building the viaduct and tunnel. As a result the design has been thought through with progressive removal, limiting the repercussions on the road that, being the only access to the lagoon, cannot be closed or reduced other than at night. The viaduct will be made using disposable formwork in weathering steel to allow the progressive realization of the works and prefabricated portals for the artificial tunnel.
  • The project is for the new entry gate to Venice. The third challenge involved an attentive approach to the aesthetic and formal aspects of the constructions. In the case of the viaduct, weathering steel will be left in view with constructed sections inspired by a ship’s keel: a clear reference to the port area of Marghera and the shipyards. The artificial tunnel is made up of a series of portals that, besides allowing visual transparency, render the inside space interesting due to the alternating light and dark. 

Finally, particular attention was given to research into the pavements and flat roundabouts with the aim of bringing homogeneity and continuity to the project. The prefabricated elements of the paving are mounted with wide joints according to a design and logic that guarantees the permeability of the soil and progressive green growth.