Paysage en Bois
Project title
Paysage en Bois

Project description
Competition for the new middle school of Broye in Cugy

Cugy, Canton of Fribourg (Switzerland)

The association of the municipal cycle of the Broye district and the municipal of Villarepos.

Project team
Lead Architect: It's
Structural engineering: AAKHON s.r.l.
Plant engineering: RAYMOND E-MOSER SA
Electrical engineering: RHONE ELECTRA ENGINEERING

Open competition

2016 - 2017

Design data
Gross area: 
20.092 sqm

32.800.000 CHF (Stage 1)
14.800.000 CHF (Stage 2)

The design for the new Middle school of Cugy, tackles the complex theme of implanting a large volumetric building into a fragmented and low-density urban fabric.
By observing the surrounding territory, where the signs of cultivated fields draw the geometry of a nature mediated by man's work, we have chosen to set the project as a "landscape building", whose scale is capable of measuring the environmental dimension in order to harmonize with it.
The building engages the lot through a geometric digging that exploits the slope of the ground and seems to follow the plots of adjacent fields. The result is a rectangular volume, long but low, whose plan is defined by the modular sequence of classrooms and laboratories around a patio and a gym. 
The patio, articulated as a small garden, opens onto the two floors of the classrooms and thanks to its double height, diffuse light in the entrance and in the horizontal distributions. The gym, with a skylight system designed and geared to ensure a widespread illumination of playgrounds, is thought to be the real court on which the whole school life happens.. These two elements allow, even within an extremely rational and compact plant, the construction of a complex, evocative interior space, where the view can penetrate the sequence of environments through different levels of transparency.
Behind the building, the terrain, modelled with gentle terraces on which tall trees are joined, invites the boys to the game and allows those who want to climb to the highest point to look out over the building to the horizons Open to the surrounding landscape.
The building is provided with a mixed structure in wood and steel to ensure the sustainability and rapidity of construction required by the client. The design process conducted from the beginning in collaboration with specialist engineers ensures low environmental impact and, above all, high thermal and visual comfort.
The passive design strategies adopted, maximize the efficiency of heat exchanges between the building and the environment. The compact volume, in fact, optimizes air-conditioned space by reducing the dispersing surfaces and at the same time the presence of the patio and the skylights allow proper winter and summer natural ventilation. The facade is made of wood blades, whose section and density varies on each side, favouring the correct lighting of the classrooms according to their orientation.