DUBL wine cellar
Project title
DUBL wine cellar

Project description
New building for the production of sparkling wine

Sorbo Serpico, AV (Italy)

Feudi di San Gregorio

Project team
Architecture: It's
Structures: Dedalo Ingegneria

Complete (design and construction)

From 2016

Design data
Gross area: 5.310 sqm

8.000.000 €

The project of the cellar for sparkling wine, named DUBL, stands on a gentle rise of Irpinia facing the current Feudi di San Gregorio Company. It grows from the double intention to preserve the morphological nature of the territory and to generate a clean mark of alteration of it.

From the beginning the research aimed at combining the complex functional plan, set by the production plant, with a volumetric choice able to define an area of mediation between the artificial nature of the architectural work and the natural one of the context, highlighting, nevertheless, the clear diversity among the two of them.

The result is a building emerging from a wide squared excavation. Inside of it a thin glazed parallelepiped is fitted, allowing the entrance of visitors inside the tasting rooms.

The excavation is the subject that generates the area of mediation: an open flat space that offers itself both as space “to see” and space “to be seen” at the same time; a pedestal upon which an artwork can be contemplated from the glazed volume or from the overlooking hills, but also an extension of those paces dedicated to the promotion work and to the visiting tours of the wine cellar facing the valley.

Through the façade of the glazed parallelepiped it can be found the satinized rosé of the Aglianico’s bottles.