CCU CCR / CSS of Pantin
Project title
CCU CCR / CSS of Pantin

Project description
Railway Signalling Center for the RER E and Paris Est area
Restricted competition. Winning project

Pantin - 93 (France)

SNCF Réseau Plateau Éole

Project team
Architecture: SCAPE - Ludovica Di Falco with Francesco Marinelli
BET structures: Aedis
BET fluids, HQE: Deerns
Acoustics: Altia
BET roads and networks: LMP
Economy: Bureau Michel Forgue
Landscape Design: Après la Pluie

Complete (studies and building site)

2015 - 2021

Design data
Gross area: 4.680 sqm

27.500.000 € 

The project site is located in the future ZAC Ecoquartier Gare de Pantin, an area in transformation of one of the main rail freight station outside Paris. This context in continuous evolution, united with the requirements of security required from the program led us to design the building as an autonomous object, introverted, with a strong urban presence, allowing him to be a landmark and a reference to the neighborhood.

The CCU CCR building has a clear and unified image: a long stone monolith with two emerging brass blocks, perceived as a “landmark” across the city and evoking the presence of the activities that are taking place there.

The texture of the enclosure is made of long stone blades that evoke the rail bundles and has the plastic force of an urban facade. This kind of design enables the dynamic perception of the building, which varies depending on the perspective of the observer: from the train, from the gateway, from the bridge, or from the public roads.