Campus Madeleine
Project title
Campus Madeleine

Project description
Closed competition_Project for the establishment of the Law-Economy-Management Faculty of the University of Orléans, and a underground car park

ZAC Carmes Madeleine, Orléans (France)

Orléans Métropole

Project team
Lead Architect: IT’S
Associate architect: ALAB
Heritage architect: LETELLIER
Structural design: RFR
Fluid engineering, Fire Safety System, Roads and other Networks, Economy: EDEIS
Acoustic design: ABC DECIBEL
Environmental Engineering: EODD
Ergonomics: ACTION-ERGO

Concept design for a closed competition


Design data
12.364 sqm new building
5.107 sqm existing building

Energetic performance
Label E+C-; Biosource Building; Label Effinergie Patrimoine

44.800.000 €

The project builds a bridge between the past, the present and the future of the city. The former hospital building is recovered with the utmost respect for its identity, highlighting its historical image and at the same time modernising its interior to accommodate contemporary and future functions. 
The Student Centre weaves a subtle relationship with the history of the place, it is designed in total continuity with the Administrative Centre, extending the volumes of the large urban blocks of the former General Hospital and the Hôtel-Dieu, while taking inspiration from their typology.
The foundation of the Student Centre is particularly porous to create a physical and visual continuity throughout the lot.
The Learning Center, the heart of the Pôle Étudiant, represents the contemporary incarnation of the library, a space for innovative knowledge.
The project is developed along 3 axes: new uses, well-being, flexibility.The entire foundation is designed as a large garden where nature and architecture blend to create unique study and work environments.