Young Hotel Pisa
Project title
Young Hotel Pisa

Project description
Restoration and conversion into a hostel (280 beds), restaurant and coworking of a noble palace in the historic center of Pisa.

Via Antonio Ceci 1, Pisa (Italy)

CDM Group S.r.l

Project team
Design, coordination and construction management: IT'S
Administrative consultancy: Piùtrentanovesei
Structures: DEDALO Engineering
Systems and lighting: AG&C S.r.l.
Laser scanner: Ianus srl 
Security: arch. Francesco Bindi

Complete (project and construction supervision)

2021 - in progress

Design data
Energetic class :
Class B (Italian regulation)

Gross area:
3.112 sqm 

4.600.000 €

The “Young Hotel Pisa” project concerns the restoration and conservative rehabilitation of a listed complex located in the historic centre of the city and its functional adaptation to an accommodation facility.
The new intended use aims to give the city part of the beauty of the building which has been in disuse and neglect for years. the hostel will responds to the accommodation needs of a new generation of "digital nomads", and it will include a mix of functions for semi-public use: a bar-restaurant, a co-working space along with a large open garden, as a sign of the recovery of nature within the city. 
The intervention foresees  minimal interventions and technological adaptation.