ACEA Waste-to-energy plant
Project title
ACEA Waste-to-energy plant

Project description
The renovation of the San Vittore Waste-to-Energy Plant

San Vittore del Lazio, Rome (Italy)

ACEA Elabori

Project team
Lead architect: IT’S
Associated architect: CORTE (with Daniele Marcotulli Architect)
Structural Engineering: F&M
Branding: Superficial Studio

Competition - won
Definitive project


Design data
30.598  sqm

The renovation project of the San Vittore Waste-to-Energy Plant uses architectural tools to fuel a shift in waste culture, shifting its perception from a marginal element to a fundamental element of circular society. The project builds a new image of this metamorphosis by proposing a new landscape, physical and cultural.
The installation transforms from a place of exclusion to a space of recirculation, from a symbol of fear to an occasion of seduction. In doing so, the intervention assumes the responsibilities imposed by the present times, in which human beings and their activity see themselves attributed of the main causes of territorial, structural and climatic changes.
The proposed aesthetic is the synthesis of a paradigm shift that opposes the old perception to the new interpretation: from dirty to clean, from closed to open, from negative to positive.